AGM 2023

Held online via a Zoom call on Monday 20 November 2023.

The person responsible for presenting or chairing the item is in brackets.


  • Welcome (Co-chairs)
  • Apologies (Secretary)
  • Attendance (Secretary)
  • Confirmation of minutes from 2022 AGM (held March 2023) (Co-chairs)
  • Annual report (Co-chairs)
  • Annual financial statement (Treasurer)
  • Election of 2024 committee (Co-chairs)
  • Planning for OZeWAI 2024 conferences and events (Conference Convener)
  • Any other business (Co-chairs)



Ricky Onsman, David Swayn, Rebecca Grace (for Manisha) Charissa Ramirez, Gerry Neustatl, Natalie Collins, Amanda Mace, Andrew Downie


Eric Williams, Irith Williams, Manisha Amin, Tess Herbert

Minutes of previous AGM

Moved by Bri Norton, seconded by Andrew Downie.

Chairs’ report

  • Thanks to Ricky and Tess for managing website, newsletter and socials. Engagement is up along with subscriptions for the newsletter.
  • OZeWAI and StandardARI are soon to sign a MoU partnership agreement.
  • We were involved in CAUDIT procurement work and presented information at the Higher Education Technology Conference
  • ICT procurement sub-committee continues to meet monthly and is working on new procurement processes and tools
  • Our Apprenticeship sub-committee meets monthly and has been working with other country (US and UK) to define and bring Digital Accessibility Apprenticeships to Australia. Next steps are to create a roadmap for the next 12 – 18 months.
  • OZeWAI membership renewals started from July 1.
  • Newsletter subscribers at June 30 rose from 500 – 700 and as of today there is approximately 900 subscribers.
  • At October 31 there were 56 members across the tiers

Finance report

  • Treasurer’s report for the year ending 30 June 2023
  • Surplus of $4,930
  • Income from “Get Online Week” ($1,000) and the National Disability Conference initiative grant ($10,000 shared with GetAboutAble) and growth in membership (approximately $4,000 in membership dues).
  •  We have supported a number of sponsorship opportunities
  • We are managing co-facilitators for the Inclusive Research Workshops.
  • A travel reimbursement policy has been developed and will be shared with the committee shortly.
  • At June 30 2023, cash in the bank was $17,861.61.

Conferences, Events and Networking

In-person events 2022/2023

Remote Online Events