OZeWAI Conference February 2020

Keynote: Systems of Systems

Tatiana Mac

Keynote: Aboriginal Health and Disability and the Strategic Plan

Glenn Pearson

Plain English for Digital Accessibility

Liddy Nevile

How the Disabled Built the Internet

Jason McKee


Yuma Decaux

Let’s build more inclusive Android apps

Allison Ravenhall

Video Accessibility

Video Accessibility

Creating an Accessibility Testing Plan

Julie Grundy

Lessons from an a11y noob: It’s all about community

Ben Long

The Great Debate: “Emerging Technology Makes Web Accessibility Redundant”

The case for and against


Everyday Accessibility

Christos Petrou

Global Impact of W3C Accessibility Standards on Business and Industry

Karen Myers

W3C work on mixed reality accessibility

Dr Scott Hollier

OZeWAI Annual General Meeting

Standards and Policies

Panel Discussion

What does peanut butter have to do with accessibility?

Gisele Mesnage

Complaining about complaints

Matt Putland

South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit

Cliff Edwards

Social Media Accessibility

Gian Wild

The art of getting sh*t done with limited resources and no budget

Adem Cifcioglu

Measuring accessibility through a UX lens

Andrew Lizzio

The Role of Technology in the Evolving Concepts of Disability

Zel Iscel

Perceptions, Expectations and Reality

Amanda Mace

ResearchOps, what is it and where does accessibility fit?

Bri Norton

How a large Australian organisation has committed to accessibility

Chris Leighton

The Inclusive Classroom

Troy Waller

Think Ikon First

Sharon Maloney and Brad Elborough

The Benefits of Designing for Everyone

Scott Sumner


Annette Ferguson

Digital Accessibility in Brazil: a case study of news websites

Matheus Ferreira

Audio Free to Air

Katie Ellis

Screenwest Panel

Workshop: Audio Description of WA Short Film