Getting started with accessibility

The past OZeWAI conferences have provided some amazing resources for accessibility, especially for those who are starting on their journey. We have gathered some of links from these conferences along with other resources to get you started.

  • The W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI): strategies, standards, resources to make the Web accessible to sources for lived experience stories, so suggest that as a start.
  • Then jump into the OZeWAI presentations and slides that are relevant for you and subscribe to the OZeWAI newsletter.
  • We also recommend that you connect with other accessibility professionals, join online discussions and investigate what other questions people ask.

Networking and forums

  • OZeWAI forum is a great place to ask questions and share accessibility resources, tools and news.
  • Web-A11y community Slack channel is a global community of accessibility specialists who share news, ideas and answer some of the varied accessibility questions that come up.
  • W3C/WAI welcomes participation from around the world, including volunteers to review, implement, and promote guidelines as well as dedicated participants in working groups.

Career and job resources

Accessibility resources

Toolkits and tips

Language and terminology

Assistive technology and screen readers

WCAG checks

Content checkers and tools

Designers checkers and tools

Developer checkers and tools