Research and usability testing

OZeWAI’s strategic plan has considered the consequences of considering accessibility and inclusive design earlier in a project, know as the ‘shift-left’ or ‘baking in accessibility’.  This change in when to consider accessibility has a focus that is not necessarily relevant when coding or testing (unless prototyping in code and using a design system).

The focus, instead, is on the users or customers and talking, listening and collaborating with them directly.

Digital accessibility checks at this earlier stage involves understanding some of the considerations for researching and usability testing with People with Disabilities (PwD) and other users with diverse backgrounds, environments or situations.

OZeWAI has developed a workshop to provide guidance for user researchers in partnership with the ResearchOps.Community and an important aspect is the building of relationships with PwD where they are, either via support and advocacy organisations or connecting with people directly on social media and at relevant events and activities.

Communities and organisations

Inclusive design

Safety and well-being

Recruitment and employment

Measuring usability and accessibility