OZeWAI Conference December 2020

Welcome to OZeWAI

Liddy Nevile

Welcome to Country

Aunty Violet

Keynote: A11y Driving Innovation

John Allsopp

No time like the present to protect our human rights

Pauline Wright

Drinking Your Own Champagne

Ashlea McKay

Senses Working Overtime

Doug Schepers

The Highs and Lows of Making Maths Content Accessible

Andrew Downie

Sustainable Accessibility Learning

Bell Omuboye

Accessible Accessibility

Ron Au

Lack of access – is it discrimination and what can you do?

Liddy Nevile and Julie Philips

The path to accessible astronomy

Yuma Decaux

Understanding accessible procurement and applying AS EN 301 549

Andrew Arch and Neil King

Accessible procurement of ICT done easy

Greg Alchin

Safer Web Animations

Julie Grundy

You talkin’ to me?

Léonie Watson

Stories from the Solomon Islands

Alice Aote’e

Get Online with a Screen Reader

Scott Nixon

Automation for Inclusion

Brooke Jamieson

Understanding Accessibility

Dax Castro

Designing for people with cognitive impairments

Andrew Arch and Sarah Pulis

Silver – A look at what to expect in WCAG 3.0

Amanda Mace

WAI Curricula – A Framework to Build Your Own Courses

Daniel Montalvo

Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT)

Shadi Abou-Zahra