AGM 2021

Held online via a Zoom call on Monday 13 December 2021.

The following items are on the agenda. The person responsible for presenting or chairing the item is in brackets.


  • Welcome
  • Apologies (Secretary)
  • Attendance (Secretary)
  • Confirmation of minutes from 2020 AGM (held December 2020) (Co-chairs)
  • Annual report (Co-chairs)
  • Annual financial statement (Treasurer)
  • Election of 2022 committee (Co-chairs)
  • Planning for OZeWAI 2022 (Conference Convener)
  • Any other business (Co-chairs)



Gerry Neustatl, Manisha Amin, Ricky Onsman, Amanda Mace, Bri Norton, Andrew Downie, Natalie Collins, Nicole and Manon.

Minutes of previous AGM

Moved by Bri, seconded by Natalie

Chair report

  • We had new interim committee members join and they’re all voted in.
  • We had a Get Online Week activity.
  • We have set up some new committee management tools (1password, Campaign Monitor and Patreon) and a ways of working and onboarding document for committee members, we also updated the OZeWAI logo to use more accessible colours (an action from the February 2020 conference).
  • Website is in a staging area and there is a sub-committee of volunteers working on it (Julie, Ricky, Christos, Bri, Likhasinh, Russ and John), Andrew will be assisting with testing.
  • Ongoing work on what the membership of OZeWAI will look like in the future.
  • Partnership with other conferences continues, including Perth Web Accessibility Camp (PWAC) and Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Conference for Asia-Pacific (AITCAP).
  • Manisha, Sean and Greg Alchin are representing OZeWAI on a review of the Digital Strategy for the Human Rights Commission.
  • Bri, Andrew N, Andrew D and Nicole are working with the DTA on Accessibility ICT Procurement discovery workshops.

Finance report

  • Premium information has been shared with the committee about the directors’ and officers’ insurance and then the recommendation is to do a little bit more user research around the kind of insurance offering f
  • Treasurer’s report for for the year ending, June 30 2020. So we made a small surplus of $3,445, that was helped by having a virtual conference in December, and receiving a small Get Online Week grant for that year.
  • We had a total income for the 2020 year of just under $10,000. So it was $9,627 and expenses just over $6,000. So, at June 30, we had total of cash at Bank and PayPal as $28,835.
  • Trialed a few months of an OZeWAI coordinator role which has been put on hold until more work is needed to establish the membership model.