About OZeWAI membership

Please review the new membership tiers to check which membership best suits you or your organisation. The new membership period will be from 1 July – 30 June. Please contact us directly for more information about becoming an OZeWAI project partner.

If you are joining to appear on the Consultant Directory we will require you to complete additional Profile fields after you have joined. We will confirm you meet the criteria before your details are listed.

The Patreon can still be used to support OZeWAI but won’t be a way to join as a member from 1 July 2023.

Grant funds for membership

OZeWAI was successful in receiving grant funds for more People with Disability to participate in established annual digital access events and activities in Australia.  Contact us to register your interest for assistance to join as a member or attend upcoming events that might qualify for support.

Membership form tips

OZeWAI is using a third party plug-in to manage membership. We have tested the membership process with JAWS and NVDA and on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers and have noticed some issues between browse and form modes to access and input responses.  We have listed some tips to access and complete the form:

  • Use Chrome rather than Firefox
  • Use form mode to check your membership tier choice
  • Some field options are not labelled correctly and you may get an ‘invalid entry’ message when focusing on the field

We have also reached out to the plug-in owners to share the issues and will do our best to work with them to fix these them, if you experience any access issues, please contact us.

Complete the membership form