OZeWAI has a variety of intermittent events and presentations, in-person and remote. Please consider joining our association if you are interested in accessibility of digital resources.

OZeWAI is using Patreon for membership while we work on our membership model. You will be contacted if any changes are being planned to the membership options.

The membership period is from January 2022-December 2022 and there are three options for payment:

  1. Pledge your $20 using Patreon by paying $2 a month (annual charge is $24 – OZeWAI membership is $20 and $4 are Patreon charges) OR
  2. Pay $20 to the OZeWAI PayPal account using PayPal.Me/ozewai, OR
  3. Pay $20 to the OZeWAI Bank account. Account Name: OZeWAI (Bank Australia) BSB: 313-140 Account Number: 12109065

For information about OZeWAI membership, email us at