Ask The Professionals

A series of online panel discussions where OZeWAI members and invited guests chat about topics of interest to the digital accessibility industry.

4 June 2024 – Neurodivergence and Accessibility.

OZeWAI Co-chair Amanda Mace (GrackleDocs) moderates a panel featuring Lisa Seeman-Horwitz (facilitator of the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force at W3C), Rose McAlister (Aquent) and Rosie Putland (

7 May 2024 – Accessible ICT Procurement.

OZeWAI co-chair Bri Norton moderated a panel featuring Andrew Normand (University of Melbourne), Callum McMenamin (Web Standards NZ Government Chief Digital Officer) and Jaunita George (Navy Federal Credit Union).

17 April 2024 – Accessibility Gaming and Virtual Reality

OZeWAI Co-chair Amanda Mace (GrackleDocs) moderated a panel featuring Mark Barlet (Able Gamers) Dr Ronny Andrade Parra (RMIT) and Shikha N. Dwivedi (Centre for Inclusive Design).

26 March 2024 – Inclusive Research

Bri Norton (OZeWAI Co-chair) moderated a panel of experts. Irith Williams, Ricki Spencer and Yasmine Gray on the topic of inclusive research and how to engage with people from diverse backgrounds in your research and usability testing.

15 February 2024

OZeWAI co-chair Amanda Mace (AbleDocs) moderated a panel session on Standards with Andrew Arch (Intopia), Rachael Bradley Montgomery Ph.D. (Library of Congress) and Dr Scott Hollier (Centre for Accessibility).

23 January 2024

Moderated by Bri Norton (OZeWAI Co-chair). Panelists: Derek Featherstone (Salesforce), Gerry Neustatl (ABC) and Sean Murphy (Telstra).

4 December 2023

Moderated by Bri Norton (OZeWAI Co-chair). Panelists: Adam Cooper (ATO), Geoff White (WA Government) and Greg Alchin (NSW Government).

2 November 2023

Amanda Mace (AbleDocs), co-chair of OZeWAI moderates a panel for Get Online Week: Kylie Pollock, Tess Herbert and Scott Nixon.

5 October 2023

Moderated by Bri Norton (OZeWAI Co-chair). Panelists: Chris Law (Standards ARI), Rosemary Allsopp (Web Directions) and Julia Svaganovic (GetAboutAble).

20 September 2023

Maka Kama (Alliance ICT) moderates a panel to discuss what it’s like to run an Accessibility Consultancy Company with Amanda Mace (AbleDocs), Manisha Amin (Centre for Inclusive Design) and our special international guest Léonie Watson (TetraLogical).

10 August 2023

Amanda Mace (AbleDocs), co-chair of OZeWAI moderates a panel of OZeWAI professionals: Andrew Downie, Ricky Onsman (TPGI) and Ross Mullen (CANAXESS).