Consultant Directory

OZeWAI is able to provide a list of quality freelance and accessibility businesses to help Australian companies to become more accessible.

We also encourage posting your questions or requests on

Please contact us if you wish to participate in the process for criteria or topics used in the consultancy list or read more about OZeWAI membership tiers.

Consultancy criteria

The Consultancy Directory includes professional individuals and accessibility providers who meet the OZeWAI eligibility criteria, which includes contributions to OZeWAI community activities to support our members, such as:

  • Training, courses, workshops or online presentations
  • Involvement in an OZeWAI projects or working groups
  • Attend and support an OZeWAI event, meetup or conference
  • Member mentoring
  • Contributing and writing OZeWAI articles and website work or testing
  • W3C/IAAP/SAR and event contribution and sharing back to OZeWAI

Accessibility Consultant Directory