OZeWAI Conference 2017

Building a culture of inclusion into agile projects

Likhasinh Sayasane

Web accessibility is everyone’s job

Remya Ramesh

It’s time to design for trust

Nathan Kinch

Website trends and accessibility

Harjit Kaur

Accessibility in pattern libraries

Russ Weakley

Disability as a driver of innovation

Zoe Rose

iOS Native App Accessibility

Leona Zumbo

Newsreader and journalist

Nas Campanella

No more pleading ignorance: accessible-first web development is here

Sam Bordiss

W3C Web Accesswibility Initiative Update

Andrew Arch

How to Teach WCAG 2.0/2.1

Matthew Putland

What’s new at W3C WAI, or life after WCAG 2.1

Vivienne Conway

Surveillance Technology for People With Disability

Zel Iscel

ARIA: the path to accessibility salvation or the road to eternal frustration?

Andrew Downie

The forgotten people: going beyond the “minimal viable cohort”

Meera Pankhania and Lily Ainsworth

Using cognitive walkthroughs to better review designs for accessibility

Sarah Pulis

Creating a Truly Inclusive Experience

Grant Beevers

Reducing Service Debt via Accessible Procurement

Andrew Normand

How to sneak accessibility into the enterprise, and other scary stories

Gerry Neustatl

An Update on Accessibility at Microsoft

David Masters

Educational Accessibility in Action

Madeleine Rothberg

Improving Form Accessibility

Marcos Cáceres

Existing mechanisms to provide accessibility in videogames

Ronny Andrade