OZeWAI Conference 2018

Session 1

Keynote: Rights and Responsibility – Nic Steenhout; ‘Culture is Inclusion’: Re-imagining accessibility and inclusion through the power of story telling – Scott Avery

Session 2

Here comes 2.1! – Amanda Mace and Julie Grundy; WCAG 2.1 for designers – Andrew Arch; Goodbye traditional CAPTCHA: new W3C advice to tell humans and robots apart – Dr Scott Hollier

Session 3

Accessibility for digital product teams – Gerry Neustatl; Looking after your family’s future – accessibility for an ageing population – Andrew Arch; Manual and Automated Comprehensive Testing – Ian Laslett

Session 4

The graphics divide: when the alt attribute does not suffice – Andrew Downie; Make content accessible – Charissa Ramirez; Rise of inclusive publishing – Greg Alchin

Session 5

Keynote: Remarkable Stories: driving inclusion further – David Masters, Annie Parker and Peter Horsley; Usability and Accessibility Implications of Various Date Picker Methods – Andrew Downie; Accessible Inline Error Messages – Russ Weakley

Session 6

Panel discussion: Artificial Intelligence – Sean Murphy and Dr Scott Hollier; Embracing Chatbots – Ross Mullen

Session 7

Creating accessible design systems – Sarah Pulis; “Don’t press my buttons!” – Andrew Lizzio; Accessibility and the Chanllenge of Scale – Jocelyn Dart

Session 8

DisRupted – Amanda Isdale; Keynote: The Human Rights and Technology Project – Sophie Farthing; “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Horsham Primary School Signing Choir