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For over 20 years, this site has been a venue for sharing information about the Web Content Adaptability Initiative in Australia. The Association has an annual conference and intermittent events and notices. Click here to join our association if you are interested in the accessibility of digital resources.

Australian Accessibility Conference

The 2021 Conference will probably take place as 4 days, one each week, online. Hopefully local groups will meet together to participate.

Join knowledgeable digital accessibility experts, specialists and researchers from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry, government and non-profit organisations to explore and support digital inclusion topics and ideas.

Participants at OZeWAI 2007

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There has been a series of OZeWAI conferences. The conference websites are mostly maintained as they were and many of the presentations have been archived.

There is now a vast amount of information about accessibility on the Web. 

For links to resources recommended by OZeWAI community members, visit our references page.

There is a ‘hyperlecture‘ on accessibility that might be of interest. It is kept for historic reasons as it was one of the first and most used in the 1990’s. It was developed and distributed so that people with little knowledge of accessibility could present the issues to their work colleagues. This was a ‘hyperlecture’ meaning that it was a lecture that could be accessed via its links to significant depth, thus providing the materials for a typical one-semester university course.