International Web Accessibility Summit

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November 2000

In November 2000 the Interactive Information Institute at RMIT University initiated and ran an International Web Accessibility Summit in Melbourne, Australia. The Summit was organised by  and .

Understanding web accessiblity is increasingly important. Many organisations are not only required under the Disability Discrimination Act to provide services that are accessible to people with disabilities, but increased accessibility provides easier access to a larger market including, mobile devices and other new emerging technologies.

Drawing participants from around the world, the two day Summit covered a variety of web accessiblity issues including:

  • Current policy and regulation issues,
  • Implementation,
  • Current accessibility, and
  • Future directions of accessibility and the Web.

Presentations were aimed at an audience comprising non-technical managers and commissioners of Web services as well as developers of Web sites and technologies.

This disc contains text and video from many of the presentations, as well as material from the exhibitorsW3C Accessibility Guidelinesuseful software, and information on how to use the disc.


The Summit featured speakers from around the world, in both the public and private sectors. Most of their presentations were filmed and have been included on this disc. Text and PowerPoint slides from many of the presentations have also been included.


A number of exhibitors demonstrated software and hardware at the Summit. Some of the exhibitors provided material for inclusion on the disc.

Software included on the disc

If the Real Player is not installed on your computer, please download the appropriate version from the disc and install it now. Real Networks kindly granted permission to include the Real Player software on this disc. The video presentations on the disc have been laid out using SMIL, and incorporate a number of formats, including Real Media, Real Text and MPEG.

Conventions used on this disc

Pages written specifically for this disc use a stylesheet that modifies the attributes of a link depending upon whether it is a link to a file on the disc or to an off-disc website. Links to files on the disc look like this, email addresses (for example, ) look like this, and links to live web addresses (such as I Cubed’s website) appear like this.