OZeWAI 2003

OZeWAI 2003

(Australian Web Accessibility Initiative)

1, 2 and 3 December at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria.


Multi-modal Content: flexible, re-useable and accessible

Accessibility is more than alternatives to graphics: for some, it is graphical alternatives to text, for others audio is required while they watch the road; others use their phones to access Web content and yet others have busy hands so need a way of controlling their computers by voice. Internationalisation means text needs to be interpreted easily and specialised subject content needs specialised mark-up. We all need a way of knowing how accessible our resources will be given the range of possible access software and hardware. Our speakers represent many of the aspects of accessibility with expertise in areas that increase the utility of resources.

For up-to-date information about the conference, please join the OzeWAI mailing list: to join, just send this email message to the list manager. Membership of this list is moderated and only members of the list can post messages to the list. The names and addresses of those on the list are not available for any purposes other than OZeWAI information and postings and participants will receive mail only from other members of the list.

Keynote Speakers:

Max Froumentin – W3C

Max joined W3C at INRIA in July 2000. Prior to that, he completed a PhD in computer graphics in 1996 at University of Lille, France, and has worked for three years as a research assistant at University of Bath, UK. His interests are 2D and 3D graphics, styling and typography. Max is W3C staff contact for the Multimodal Interaction Activity and team Contact for the Math Working Group.

Bob Regan – Macromedia

Bob is the world’s expert when it comes to Macromedia products and accessibility. He is an excellent presenter, with a wealth of knowledge and tips for those wanting to use the most up-to-date multimedia in an accessible way – he knows what works and what doesn’t, and what to do about it.

Katie Haritos-Shea – CESSI Accessible Solutions

Katie is Vice-Chair of the INCITS V2 Technical Committee that is developing an ISO International Standard for a universal remote console. This device will allow access and control “target” devices, services, appliances, networked machines and informational content of all kinds. Katie has been involved in the W3C WCAG, UAAG, ATAG and PF Working Groups. She is currently working on a contract to bring all IT content and systems of the US Department of State into a modern and accessible universe.

Charles McCathieNevile – W3C – SWAD-E – SIDAR

At W3C, Charles is working on the SWAD-E Semantic Web project , after 4 years working on Web Accessibility.
Before joining W3C in November 1998, Charles worked on a variety of things including Web Accessibility, internationalisation, and teaching people about the Web. Outside his role at W3C, Charles is a Vice President of La Fundación Sidar, a non profit foundation working in Spain and South America to promote the accessibility of the Internet in Spanish.

Conference Programme (see details)

The call for sessions is now closed. The conference offers:

  • short papers
  • demonstrations
  • panel sessions
  • working group sessions

The presenters include:

  • accessibility consultants – testers, developers, other practitioners
  • content, software and hardware developers
  • Web masters and site users
  • academics
  • students

We have two new special types of contributions you may want to consider:

Conference format

OZeWAI 2003 will offer hands-on workshops, plenary presentations, informal work sessions, and research reports. we will also have ‘problem sharing’ sessions and a ‘continuous evaluation laboratory’. The venue is ideal for small group discussion and the program, with lunches and dinners included, will provide opportunities for participants to interact with presenters informally. There will be a conference CD for all participants. La Trobe University has on-campus accommodation (see below).

Conference costs

We offer three full days with presentations, workshops, including hands-on workshops, a reception, a formal dinner and a wind-up cocktail – as well as lunches and coffee/tea etc. Participants will receive a CD of proceedings and some free goodies!

Costs: $350 for full registration, $280 for student registration, and $125 for daily registration. These costs include all activities of the day, even the reception, dinner, etc. Extra dinner tickets will be available for those who want them.Please note that the cost of the conference this year is the same as last year but there will be three full days of action this year (does that mean the price has dropped??)!


La Trobe University’s Menzies College is offering specially priced, on-campus accommodation for OZeWAI participants.

Important dates


November 1 2003 General Registration opens

December 1 – 3 OZeWAI 2003 Conference – on-site registration

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