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15 and 16 November 2001 at Rydges Carlton, Victoria.



Many people are concerned about the content on web pages being accessible only to those who have the ‘right’ browser, the ‘right’ model computer or whatever – and realise that most content on the web is not accessible to people who have alternative devices, especially people who are dependent upon alternative devices because they have a disability.

Aussie web content accessibility information is for Australians concerned with this problem. The law is different in Australia from other countries, the needs of Australians are our major concern. OZeWAI 2001 was about how to make sure that all Australians have equal access to Australian web content of interest to them. We want to ensure that as Australians, we put content on the web in ways that will make it accessible to everyone, everywhere.


These are being added as they are collected from the presenters.


OZeWAI 2001 was another in a series of accessibility awareness raising and techniques dissemination activities. As a web content accessibility interest group, the convenors of this activity have been operating for nearly five years, informally bringing together web and software developers, website commissioners, web development managers and others who are responsible for web content. The aim is to work together on the standards, their implementation, and the developments that make it easier for everyone to make the web more accessible to everyone.

OZeWAI 2001 started with a special introductory session for people not yet familiar with any of the web content accessibility issues. In the rest of the two days, it covered a wide range of issues from a broad range of perspectives. In addition, OZeWAI 2001 providds an opportunity for participants to find out who is doing what in this field. There were sessions in which authoring tools were demonstrated showing how they can be used to build accessible content, and with experts who evaluate and repair content, showing how they do that.


Lisa Seeman (Global Formats, Israel), Wendy Chisholm (W3C, USA), Charles McCathieNevile (W3C, France), Jason White (Co-chair, a W3C Accessibility Working Group), Graham Oliver (AccEase Ltd NZ), Andrew Arch (Vision Australia), Larry Stillman (Monash-VicNet), Kerry Webb (eServices, ACT), Liddy Nevile (IMS Accessibility WG).

OZeWAI 2001 Convenor

Liddy Nevile
Sunrise Research Laboratory
mobile +61 4 1931 2902
email liddy@sunriseresearch.com.au

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