OZeWAI achievements for 2022

OZeWAI shares a new vision and mission for members

We are pleased to be closing the year out with some major updates to how we support our members and on some future projects and activities that will benefit Australian digital accessibility professionals.

OZeWAI website

Thank you to Julie Grundy, Ricky Onsman, Andrew Downie and Bri Norton for the work on the new website. We received some great interest in being involved in usability testing and will be setting up sessions with you in the new year.

OZeWAI vision and mission

Our wonderful growing committee has been working on the new membership structure and tiers based on research carried out over the year.  To get that work going, we first revised and published OZeWAI’s new vision and mission to adapt to how we will support OZeWAI members, accessibility professionals, accessibility advocates and our partners.

OZeWAI membership

OZeWAI aims to become a professional organisation with real value for its members. This includes providing membership opportunities that align with our new code of ethics and ensuring transparency on how OZeWAI can provide accessibility advice and services, this will include a consultancy list of Australian accessibility professionals and organisations and their services. If you are an accessibility company and interested in being a part of reviewing what the membership and consultancy process will be with us, please email info@ozewai.org as we will be invite you to an information session in February.

OZeWAI partners and sponsors

Our discovery research also provided insights into how OZeWAI can work with organisations on projects to provide quality and consistent baseline accessibility training for their teams and staff.  If you are a vendor or digital organisation who hire accessibility specialists and would like to be involved in partnering with OZeWAI on specific projects, please email info@ozewai.org.

OZeWAI events and conferences


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