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OZeWAI was produced by the Sunrise Research Laboratory at RMIT. It is one of a series of Internet/CDs produced by Sunrise Research Laboratory for the OZeKIDS Project, a National Library of Australia project. For more information, please contact us at

The main work for this CD was done by those who have developed the Universal Web Accessibility Guidelines for W3C. Among them, from Australia, have been Jason White and Charles McCathieNevile. To all involved we offer our thanks.

The bulk of the research for this CD was done by Liddy Nevile, greatly assisted by Desley Lamb and Georgie Nevile.

The Link community was originally asked to nominate sites which they considered should be accessible to everyone. From those, a random selection of sites was made and those sites were worked on in several ways:

We did not pick good, or bad, websites, and we make no judgement about what we found. We thank those providers of web material whose websites have been sampled. We consider that they will contribute to the overall effort of making websites more accessible and for this we are grateful to them.

Tim Patterson made the videos. He was assisted by the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind and Jason White.

Peter Batchelor made the CD, given the website developed by Liddy Nevile. Jonathan O'Donnell, Shar McMillan and Desley Lamb contributed to the work in many, many ways. 'Thank you' to them all.


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And last, but certainly not least, we'd like to thank our sponsors for the WAI Day which made the making of this CD possible. We were sponsored by Multimedia Victoria, the Australian Multimedia Testing Centre, Telstra Disabilities Liaison Unit, RMIT University Corporate Affairs Group and the Department of Human Services.

A few copies of the original version of the OZeKIDS CD "Internet Unplugged" are still available. It contains a different collection of websites and a lot of handy software. An order form for the old OZeKIDS Internet Unplugged and the OZeWAI CDs is included on this CD-ROM.


Browser software on this CD was contributed by Netscape and Microsoft.

Image of the cover of the first OZeKIDS experimental 'goodies' CD used for the Classrooms of the Future Project of the Department of School Education in Victoria in 1994. Image of the cover of the CD made by teachers and students who used the first OZeKIDS 'goodies' CD for two weeks in 1995 - the first Internet/CD made by children in Victorian Schools? Image of the cover of the prototype OZeKIDS Internet Unplugged CD. Image of the cover of the first OZeKIDS Internet Unplugged CD. Image of the cover of the OZeKIDS Internet Unplugged Professional CD.

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