Index of the WAI Presentation

Please note that the full-text version of the WAI Presentation includes hyperlinked references outside the full-text and a summary of the presentation. It needs the style sheet STYLE.CSS to be complete. For information about making copies of presentation, see instructions .

The webpages that comprise the full-text version are used in the following order for the presentation:

  1. Introduction
  2. Universal web accessibility
  3. Demonstrations of the use of different browsers
  4. Who can make a difference
  5. Champions of universal web accessibility
  6. Website and webpage structure
  7. Webpage content
  8. Metadata
  9. Dublin Core classifications
  10. PDF
  11. Webpage layout
  12. HTML 4.0
  13. Cascading style sheets
  14. Checking your webpage and validating your HTML
  15. Sample HTML evaluation results

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