Committee Members

The committee for 2021 was elected during the Annual General Meeting at the December 2020 Australian Accessibility Conference. Others interested in helping the OZeWAI Committee or Conference Committee are welcome to contact a committee member - help is always appreciated!

Conference Committee 2021


  • Liddy Nevile


  • Gian Wild


  • Natalie Collins

Conference Convenor

  • Brigitta Norton

Website Manager

  • Julie Grundy

General members

  • Amanda Mace (Membership)
  • Ricky Onsman (Newsletter and Social Media)
  • Mat Mirabella (Vice-President)
  • Gerry Neustatl
  • Christos Petros
  • Chaals McCathie-Nevile
  • Andrew Normand

Conference Committee 2021

Conference Chair: Brigitta Norton

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