2019 AGM Agenda/Minutes

OZeWAI Annual General Meeting

To be held at the OZeWAI 2019/2020 conference on the 12 February at the Australian Accessibility Conference held by OZeWAI and PWAC in Perth, Western Australia.

Attendees: All invited

The following items are on the agenda. The person responsible for presenting or chairing the item is in brackets.


  1. Welcome (Chair)
  2. Apologies (Chair)
  3. Attendance (Chair)
  4. Confirmation of minutes from 2018 AGM (Chair)
  5. Annual report (Chair)
  6. Annual financial statement (Treasurer)
  7. Election of 2020 committee members (Chair):
    • Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Conference Convener 2020
    • Website manager
    • Committee members
  8. Planning for OZeWAI 2020 (Conference Convener)
  9. Accessibility certification (eg IAAP) involvement (Chair)
  10. Any other business (Chair)


Attendees - 108 registered.


  • Ricky Onsman
  • Russ Weakley


  • Erika Webb
  • Greg Madson
  • Jason McKee
  • Amanda Page
  • Christie O’Brien
  • Ellen Davis
  • Maria Mamaeva
  • Matthew Putland
  • Matthew Thackwell
  • Allison Ravenhall
  • Rosemary Spark
  • Scott Hollier
  • Andrew Normand
  • Chris Leighton
  • Alfred Low
  • Steve Page
  • Clare Chamberlain
  • Natalie Collins
  • Karen Myers
  • David Vosnacos
  • Vithya Vijayakumare
  • Mark Blowers
  • Christos Petrou
  • Gerry Neustatl
  • Liddy Nevile
  • Brigitta Norton
  • Amanda Mace
  • Gian Wild

Minutes of previous AGM

  • Moved by Gian, seconded by Bri

Chair and Finance

  • Chairperson's Report - celebrating 20 years of OZeWAI
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Consumer Affairs Victoria lodgement of OZeWAI finances are all up-to-date as of July 2019.
    • Revenue is around the same each year (approx. $30,000) and used to plan for the following year's event.
    • This year we also used a Govt $10,000 grant to assist with attendee costs to travel to WA for this event as well as the streaming and recording services - all presentations are available now on the OZeWAI YouTube channel.
    • Thank you to the wonderful sponsors: Visibility, Synergy Group, Microsoft, Webkey IT, Vision Australia, AccessibilityOz and ScreenWest

Moved by Bri, seconded by Gian. All attendees accepted the reports.

Current conference

  • Thanks to Bri for moving to the west coast
  • Thank you to everyone who made the Australian Accessibility Conference happen in Perth with OZeWAI and PWAC!

Foundation members

  • Liddy Nevile
  • Chaals McCathie-Nevile
  • Matthew Mirabella
  • Sarah Pulis
  • Peter Bachelor
  • Jonathan O’Donnell

Current focus

  • Membership fees

    • Previously membership was $0
    • Gerry - what does being a member of OzeWAI actually mean? What are the benefits we can offer?
    • Mark Blowers - Australian Accessibility Association - change from OzeWAI? , keep registration costs low.
    • Gisele - keep costs low, DGI would be very interested
    • Rosemary Spark - we should be a lobby group
    • Further contributions should be via forum
    • Everyone at conference is paid up otherwise $20 individual, $50 company,

    Liddy moved, Amanda seconded.

  • Proposed changes to the Constitution to be discussed
  • Welfare card - Gian and Mark Blowers to discuss
  • OZeWAI logo update
  • Advocacy

2020 OZeWAI Committee

On 12 February 2020, the following committee members were elected.

Executive Committee members

  • Chairperson - Liddy Nevile (moved by Gian, seconded by Mark)
  • Secretary - Gian Wild (moved by Liddy, seconded by Gerry)
  • Treasurer - Natalie Collins (moved by Liddy, seconded by Bri)
  • Conference Convenor - Brigitta Norton

General Committee members

  • Chaals McCathie-Nevile
  • Julie Grundy (Web Manager)
  • Ricky Onsman (Newsletter and Social)
  • Amanda Mace
  • Gerry Neustatl
  • Mark Blowers
  • Christos Petrou
  • Scott Hollier
  • Matthew Putland
  • Russ Weakley

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