2016 AGM Agenda/Minutes

OZeWAI Annual General Meeting minutes

Held at the OZeWAI 2016 conference, 50 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra on 30 November 2016


  1. Apologies
  2. Attendance
  3. Confirmation of minutes from 2015 AGM
  4. Annual report from Chair
  5. Annual financial statement from Treasurer
  6. Election of 2017 committee members
  7. Planning for 2017 OzeWAI
  8. Any other business



  • Adam Spencer
  • Scott Hollier
  • Ruchi Permvattana


  • Liddy Nevile
  • Gian Wild
  • Andrew Arch
  • Garry Austin
  • Greg Northey
  • Rowen Ferguson
  • Leigh Gittoes
  • Herin Hentry
  • Hilary Drew
  • Kiera Magee
  • Catherine McDonald
  • Peter Randoll
  • Jessica Chapman
  • Vithya Vijayakumaro
  • Rosemary Spark
  • Zel Iscel
  • Roger Hudson
  • Andrew Downie
  • Russ Weakley
  • Jocelyn Dart
  • Mat Mirabella
  • Wilco Fiers
  • Lynda Greedy
  • Charles McCathie-Nevile
  • Danny Thomas
  • Rodney Harris
  • Andrew Normand
  • Matthew Brooks
  • Trinas Pitsakos
  • Geoff Dellar
  • Sarah Pulis
  • Gerry Neustatt
  • George Helios
  • Nivrasras Sivakumar
  • Vivienne Conway
  • Brigitta Norton

Confirmation of minutes from 2015 AGM

Confirmed by Liddy Nevile, seconded by Gian Wild

2015 AGM minutes - Held 27 November 2015

Liddy Nevile, Charles Nevile, Gian Wild, Mat Mirabella, Leona Zumbo, Brendon Reid, Andrew Arch, Iza Bartosiewicz, Sarah Duke, Brigitta Norton, Julie Grundy

Jonathan O’Donnell, Scott Hollier

President's Report
All participants of the 2015 Conference have accepted membership of OZeWAI.

Not a lot happened in 2015, especially as the treasurer failed to make contact with the secretary. There is not a Treasurer’s Report, for this reason, but OZeWAI is solvent and after the 2015 Conference has been paid for, we are anticipating some profits that will help cover expenses during the year.

There was a nominated Committee member for management of the website but as nothing was done, there is no progress. Prior to the 2015 Conference there was another offer of help but it is not clear what this means. Whatever, it is important that the OZeWAI website is made accessible and useful. It may be possible to have a competition for members to offer revisions of the website.


Nominations accepted and voted:

  • Liddy Nevile - President
  • Mat Mirabella – Vice-President
  • Gian Wild - Secretary
  • Brigitta Norton - Treasurer


  • Darren Britten
  • Vivienne Conway
  • Scott Hollier
  • Adam Cooper
  • Julie Grundy (website work)
  • Charles Nevile
  • Jonathan O'Donnell
  • Foundation members

General business

Given the confusion again with respect to the conference, it was decided that, in future, nominations for conference convenor will not be accepted at the AGM but, rather, depend on proposals submitted by the end of March prior to the next Conference.

The Committee agreed to meet again in February 2016 to hear the results of the 2015 conference and to plan for the next, as well as for general business. The new Secretary will convene this meeting.

Meeting closed 4.25pm

Annual report from Chair

We’re going strong!

Annual financial statement from Treasurer

$10,000 remaining in account after conference expenses.

Closed our account for 2015/16 FY with $8,962.13 after the 2015 Conference. Will ensure there is a more detailed report for this FY
Peter/Liddy, please advise the exact costs required for the ongoing upkeep of the website (separate management and hosting costs).

Election of 2017 committee members


  • Chairperson - Liddy Nevile
  • Co-Secretaries - Gian Wild, Ruchi Permvattana
  • Co-Treasurers - Hilary Drew, Brigitta Norton

2017 committee:

  • Liddy Nevile
  • Gian Wild
  • Ruchi Permvattana
  • Hilary Drew
  • Brigitta Norton
  • Mat Mirabella
  • Andrew Arch
  • Adam Cooper
  • Vivienne Conway
  • Scott Hollier
  • Julie Grundy
  • Russ Weakley
  • Chaals
  • Rosemary Spark
  • Lynda Creedy
  • Gerry Neustatl

Planning for 2017 OZeWAI

Chaals: Need to book location quickly

Danny Thomas: OzeWAI caters to accessibility specialists. Should we do something aimed atnon-specialists, such as technical training streams?

Andrew Arch: need to reach out and promote to groups such as meetup, A11y camps etc

Gian Wild: would be good to include case studies with project managers etc making their stuff accessible

Liddy: Should be a “bring your boss” day

Viv: W4A still happy to have OzeWAI present a workshop at W4A in Perth in April. Note PerthA11y camp is February 8th. Would be good to have poster sessions.

ACTION: Add Hilary as a signatory with Australia Bank

Any other business

Thanks to Bri for an excellent conference.

Thanks to Liddy – OZeWAI is in its 18th year!

Additional information