2015 AGM Agenda/Minutes

OZeWAI Inc Annual General Meeting 2015 agenda

Date & time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm, Thursday 26 November 2015

Location: Manuka Oval, Manuka Circuit, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia


This is a public meeting. All are invited.


Business required under the law

Confirmation of minutes

Minutes of the last annual general meeting, dated 10 December 2014, are attached.

Annual report

Annual financial statement

Election of committee members

See addenda below for current committee members

  1. Invitation to nominate for committee membership. A list of current committee members is attached.
  2. Voting for committee members.

Confirmation of annual subscription and joining fee

The current fee structure is a joining fee of A$10.00 with no annual subscription fee.

Other business

Planning for OZeWAI 2016

  1. Consider any proposals to run OZeWAI 2016.
  2. Confirm meeting structure for 2016.

Planning for OZeWAI 2017

To canvas nominations for running OZeWAI 2017.

Any other business

Other business, as requested by attendees.

Addenda: OZeWAI Inc committee members 2015

On 10 December 2014, the following committee members were elected.

President: Liddy Nevile

Vice-president: Matt Mirabella

Secretary: Jonathan O'Donnell

Treasurer: Elizabeth Spiegel

Committee members

  • Scott Hollier
  • Vivienne Conway
  • Darren Britten
  • Charles Nevile
  • Bronwyn Lapham
  • Lynda Creedy - Website coordination
  • Vivienne Conway - Academic program

2015 conference committee

  • Charles Nevile - Conference coordinator
  • Bronwyn Lapham - Program
  • Liddy Nevile - Venue & logistics
  • Vivienne Conway - Academic program

Additional information