Understanding HTML Evaluation results

Evaluating the accessibility of a webpage is not necessarily complete if the HTML and CSS code are correct, but it is a good start. We recommend two HTML validators:

W3C HTML Validator

Using this validator is easy. The following window of information is completed by the user:

Validate Documents by URI

Enter the location of a document you would like validated:

Include Weblint results run Weblint in "pedantic" mode
Show source input Show an outline of this document
Show parse tree don't show attributes in the parse tree

We have used two validators to check two sample pages. See Sunrise example and the National Library example.


Bobby at CAST tackles the problem with the following choices:

Check one page

Fill in the form below with the URL of the web page that you want Bobby to examine and press the Submit Button. For accessibility and tag compatibility validation with browser specifications other than the default HTML 4.0, make a selection from the drop-down menu. For multiple selections, go to the Advanced page.

Evaluation Criteria:

Link to sample Sunrise page report and NLA page report, results of the Bobby Validation of a HTML 3.2 of a website address. But look at what is not picked up by the validators: see a user's letter of condemnation and visit his website!

Copyright Liddy Nevile 19 March 2001. This material may be copied if source is acknowledged.