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Sunrise Research Laboratory has moved!!

Please note that the Sunrise Research Laboratory is no longer located at RMIT.

For contact with the Sunrise Research Laboratory or information about projects etc,
please email

It will take us some time to do a 'makeover' of our site, sorry.

Past and present projects

Local World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) activities | OZeKIDS and the Internet Unplugged CD-ROMs | Distributed Professional Development (DPD) for teachers | Sunrise@RMIT professional development for university staff.

Information of interest

Staff contact details | Shaun Ashdowne's Virtual Atlas | Victorian Subject Associations | Andrew Wain's mathematical problems | Charles McCathieNevile's Nordmannia | The MERGA files.

Staff Contacts

Assoc Prof Liddy Nevile is still a member of the Visual Communications Department at RMIT,
and Director of the Sunrise Research Laboratory, now located online at BIGTREE (stay tuned!)
| Publications | Research funding | Contact details.

Jonathan O'Donnell has been appointed Director of Information Technology for the Faculty of Art, Design and Communications.

Peter Batchelor is currently working on special projects at JCSAV and CEGV.

You can still contact us by Browser Compatabilityphone:Browser Compatability 61 3 9660 3024 or by fax: 61 3 9660 2761.
Browser CompatabilityEmail: Browser Compatability Liddy Nevile. Peter Batchelor. Desley Lamb. Charles McCathieNevile. Shar McMillan. Jonathan O'Donnell.
Browser CompatabilityPaper mail: Browser Compatability please continue to use Sunrise at RMIT, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne Victoria 3001 Australia.

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