Everyone concerned with accessibility has struggled to introduce their colleagues, managers, etc to the problems encountered by many who do not have satisfactory experiences with the online resources and services they need. Those with difficulties are not only those with what might be thought of as 'disabilities' - the problems can occur because of the circumstances (for example in a noisy location) or for one of many other reasons. Inclusive resources and services are now seen as the goal and there is substantial work going on in Europe and northern America to use the technology to help solve some of the problems the technology creates.

Currently we have a special focus on what is known as 'AccessForAll' inclusion  that supports the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. In particular, we support the development of the GPII - the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure - that aims to create services for users so they can get resources to match their chosen functional requirements.

Special topics for our conferences are:

  • WCAG implementation and compliance
  • auditing Websites and resources for adaptability and standards compliance
  • open source accessibility solutions
  • W3C technologies for accessibility
  • accessible and inclusive design
  • and more.

Who should attend OZeWAI Conferences?

We always try to plan for the participants we expect to join us. The following list is not exhaustive but should be indicative: 

  • Techies. We always like to support the techie folk. Adaptability depends upon the expertise of technical people and we are keen to ensure that OZeWAI is a good forum for exchange between members of this class.
  • Exhibitors. Yes - we especially like our trade partners - we cannot solve the adaptability problems without the tools and expertise they offer and we would like to see more participation on the part of those who can offer solutions to those with the problems.
  • Educators. A significant number of people working in the field of adaptability are also within the educational domain. We continue the practice of having a stream of events designed especially for this community. We encourage senior administrators, managers, designers and the technical teams to join us.
  • Internationalisation and multi-lingual content developers and managers. Providing resources in multiple languages, and resources that are suitable for international use, is not easy. Experts and novices can work together on this topic.
  • Symbolic language resource developers. Using the Web to distribute maths, science, music and other symbolically represented content in a standard way is essential if everyone is to be able to access it.
  • Information managers. A significant new group of professionals who are able to make a difference to the accessibility of resources using metadata are especially welcome at OZeWAI.
  • Researchers. Adaptability is a lively field. There is some exciting research being done and the results are sometimes surprising. Papers that report this research are welcomed. Where papers have already been published elsewhere, presenters might like to submit a short paper to present their work in this forum.
  • Managers. Just how critical is good management to adaptability? We appreciate that it is crucial but also that often managing the associated activities means working in a new domain for those responsible. This stream is designed to help managers and those responding to managers' concerns. Managers often want to know what they should know, what they should do, what they should expect others to do, and how much it will all cost.
  • Users and ideas people! Without both these, nothing would happen!