OZeWAI is a strong and well-established network of people with broad interests in and expertise with accessibility.

Confirmed speakers:

Alastair McEwin (@almcewinddc), Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission (Monday keynote) - Empowerment through technology: why digital inclusion matters [This presentation will be live streamed]

John Sheridan (@sherro58), Australian Government Chief Technology Officer - Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services (Tuesday keynote) [This presentation will be live streamed]

Professor Peter Radoll (@peterradoll), Dean of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership and Strategy, University of Canberra (Wednesday keynote) [This presentation will be live streamed]

Wilco Fiers (@wilcofiers), Deque Systems - Accessibility testing, in the eye of the beholder [This presentation will be live streamed]




Leona Zumbo (LinkedIn), Senior Digital Inclusion Consultant, Vision Australia (@DigitalAccessVA) - Self-service Banking

Sarah Pulis (@sarahtp, @Intopiadigital) Director of Accessibility Services, Intopia

Chris Pycroft, (@chrispytweets, @Intopiadigital), Intopia: Barrier free mental health through inclusive design

Vithya Vijayakumare (LinkedIn), Digital Production Coordinator, Accessible Information Services, VisAbility - Accessibile ePub3: The Road to "Inclusive Publishing"

Herin Hentry (@HerinHentry), Accessibility Consultant - Agile and Accessibility - Water and Oil?

David Masters (@mastersofdavid, @MSFTenable), Corporate Affairs Manager, Microsoft Australia - Inclusiveness and Transparency: Microsoft’s approach to accessibility [This presentation will be live streamed]


Russ Weakley (@russmaxdesignGithub, slideshare), Ambiata 



Roger Hudson, Web Usability

Andrew Downie, TAFE NSW


Dr Vivienne Conway (LinkedIn, @vivienne_conway, @webkey_it), WebKeyIT - The trouble with private health company websites : getting it right


Mark Rogers, Powermapper (@powermapper) - Screen Reader Support for WCAG Techniques – Trend Data since 2013



Amanda Mace (LinkedIn, @webkey_it), WebKeyIT - Can you find your way? A hands-on challenge using your smartphone and screen-reader


Zel Iscel, InclusiveWorld - Navigation apps from a user's perspective: How much information is accessible and what is still missing

Julian Rzechowicz, (@adelphidigital), Adelphi Digital - The forgotten users

Darren Britten, La Trobe University - Accessibility standards and user skills; a tertiary perspective

Mat Mirabella (@matmirabella), NV Access Ltd: NVDA screen reader workshop

Derek Featherstone (@feather, @SAteaches), Simply Accessible - Presentation: Inclusive service design: The outcome and the process. Workshop: Inclusive UX design: At the elbows

Matthew Putland, (LinkedIn), Media Access Australia: WCAG 2.0 Woes

Gian Wild, (@AccessibilityOz), CEO AccessibilityOz - Making video accessible

Leigh Gittoes (@leigit_), Senior Frontend Engineer at Oakton - AngularJS A11y: A technical guide



Adam Spencer, (@accessibilit), Head of Document Accessibility Services, Accessibil-IT: PDF vs. HTML…Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Scott Hollier (LinkedIn), Specialist Advisor, Digital Accessibility: Will your toaster become WCAG 2.0 compliant?

Andrew Normand (@Andrew_Normand), University of Melbourne: Accessibility of Virtual Reality Environments



Tony Abrahams (@accessinclusion), CEO, AI Media [This presentation will be live streamed]

Panel members:

Sue Salthouse

David Saxberg

Pascal Klein, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)

Andrew Arch, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), (@amja)

Charles Nevile (@chaals), Yandex

Ian Laslett, Managing Director Australia, (@adelphidigital), Adelphi Digital



Brigitta Norton, Digital Consultant and Marketing Manager Australia, (@adelphidigital), Adelphi Digital

Liddy Nevile