Accessibility and ARIA

(two in a row...)

Charles McCathieNevile
Standards, Opera

The Best Internet Experience
On Any Device, Anywhere

Implementing accessibility

Old news...

Building on a base

Accessibility remains important

And screen readers

Screen Readers - History

Opera needed to be easily portable

Major need was portability. Accessibility lost :(

Accessible `" Portable?

Work on unifying access APIs is vital!

Screen Readers Back!

Try a weekly:

(WARNING check for issues, and Back Up!)

Portability Ô! Standards

Standards is not about inventing technology
- it is about making it work better

Where are we?

Some small problems hide big progress...
...But there are also real issues to deal with.

Some challenges

Some wins...

So, while that adventure continues...

The ARIA at the Opera

(Accessible Rich Internet Applications)

The Idea...

Teach old screen readers "new" tricks

Using it in a page

(This is faked - the spec is in flux)

Label it a checkbox, standardise on/off,
the browser tells the sreen reader 'it's a checkbox'

And in SVG...

The example relies on SVG. Try Opera 9.5?

Another example

(This is faked - the spec is in flux)

The Spec..

More social than technical engineering required...


Slowed because it is being adopted

To Take Home

Supporting new standards does matter

Thank You

There are no foolish questions
just people too foolish to question