Day 1: Accessibility 101

Day 1 will focus on the needs of people who are new to digital accessibility. We’re looking for educational presentations which help practitioners, researchers and consumers. Last year’s Perth Web Accessibility Camp featured talks with advice for common accessibility issues, case studies and lived experience stories.

We’ll also have a Fish Bowl (like a Shark Tank, but friendlier) of experts available. Current practitioners can propose a problem with a difficult or ignored aspect of accessibility - we’ll see if the Fish Bowl can solve it!

Day 1 will also include time for people to sit international certification exams.

Day 2: Global and Australian Standards and Policies

Day 2 will focus on specifications, regulations, laws and other standards. What becomes law, good practice, or research experience is not always clear. Learn what the W3C does, and how to learn from its activities and to contribute to them.

A professional mentoring service will also be available. This is a time to share your experience and expertise with those who would like to learn from the ‘elders’. Australians have often shown the way and this is a chance for new-comers to engage with the history, experience and get some free advice.

Day 3: Development Day

On Day 3, we’ll consider what’s we’ve learned and what can we could do. We’ll look beyond coding to convincing the community, large and small, to think about accessibility and how to apply it. Who needs to learn what? How can they be encouraged to work on it? What will it do for people with disabilities and what is not yet being done?


For more than two decades, OZeWAI has introduced many to accessibility. It has supported the proliferation of businesses and agencies now operating in the field.

In 2020 we are introducing a professional mentoring program.

We’re asking our experts to (unashamedly) present themselves as mentors for other members of the community. Let us know if you would like to be a mentor, or be mentored, and send us a couple of paragraphs explaining which and why.

Experts can share their credentials in a short presentation. Then there will be time to give those interested in their help a special introductory session.

Please do not hesitate to email the Conference Committee if you are willing to act as a professional mentor to someone else working in the field.

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