Archive of some of the presentations from the 2011 OZeWAI Conference

Session First name Email
Keynote: Accessibility and the Future Jacqui van Teulingen
Elegance in Structure W Parry ??
Website Evaluation Methodologies - Tips and Tricks from Beginner to Expert Justin Brown and Vivienne Conway,
Painting by Numbers Lisa Herrod
BrowseAloud: the assistive technology for people with cognitive impairments Gian Wild
W3C WAI Update Scott Hollier
The social media accessibility project Scott Hollier
Intelligent Service Delivery Platform : Now Everyone Can Surf Errazudin Ishak
Accessibile Mobile Experiences: Guidelines? Standards? Anybody? Katja Forbes
Outta time, scope, and we fixed that already – Is there a Disconnect Gary Barber
Mobile Assistive Technologies and how they're used Joseph Ortenzi
“Accessibility – that’s just for blind people, right?” - Dealing with different attitudes to accessibility Ruth Ellison, Kim Chatterjee
The Aging Population and Accessibility Andrew Arch
Authoring Video Captions made Easy Darren Britten
Accessibility in Higher Education Andrew Normand
What I've learnt from OZeWAI Jonathan O'Donnell