OZeWAI 2007 Programme

Wednesday 5th December | Thursday 6th December | Friday 7th December

Wednesday 5 December - Conference Progamme

Times Session Plenary Sessions Alternative Sessions
8.30 am   Registration | tea and coffee.
9.00 am 1

Opening Session - Standards (90 mins)

Welcome (5 mins): Liddy Nevile

Keynote (45 mins): Jon Mason
"Engaging in Standards Development Processes"


Presentation (30 mins): Jason White
"Standards that make a difference to accessibility."

10.30 am   Tea and coffee break
11.00 am 2

Session 2 - The Context for Standards (90 mins)

Presentation (45 mins): Bruce Maguire, HREOC,
"What are the relevant standrds and who's responsible for them?"

Presentation (40 mins): Sofia Celic, Vision Australia
"WCAG 2.0"



2.00pm 3

Session 3 (90 mins) - Standards and the Organisation

Presentation (45 mins): Chris van der Wayden, CIO, Chisholm Institute
"Successfully using standards to engage the relevant people in the organisation"

Workshop (45 mins): How are standards being used now?

(Small groups take the check-list from Chris' presentation and see how they are played out in other participants' contexts, and report back.)

3.30 pm   Tea and coffee break
4.00 pm 4

Session 4 (90 mins) - Plenary
Standards in the Web 2.0 context

Presentation (40 mins): Phil Jenkins, IBM
"Web 2.0."


Presentation (20 mins): Liddy Nevile, La Trobe,
"The AccessForAll Accessibility Framework."


Session 4 (90 mins) - Workshop
Special Needs

Steve Hansen will introduce the problem of Web accessiblity issues (esp. re Web 2.0 and virtual worlds) in small special needs communities such as the Brain Injured. This workshop will then discuss the issues, to produce a brief discussion paper.

6.00 - 8.00pm  

OZeWAI BBQ, John Scott House, La Trobe

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Thursday 6 December

Times Number Session Description Session Description
8.30 am   Registration | tea and coffee.
9.00 am 5

Session 5 (90 mins) - Inclusive Information Spaces

Presentations (45 mins): Supporting Human Diversity Through Inclusive Design
"Report of the Toronto Open Forum, 2007"

Workshop activity (45 mins): What should inclusion look like in 5 years? in 10 years?

What definition of inclusion should we adopt? What compliance strategies are needed to support inclusion?

10.30 am   Tea and coffee break
11.00 am 6

Session 6 (90 mins) - Plenary
What is being done to achieve equal access to resources?

Presentation (30 mins): the Alternate Format Project Report - Anthony Earl, La Trobe

Presentation (20 mins): Matt Barton, education.au
"What education-au does about accessibility"

Workshop activity (40 mins):
Draft a five year agenda for necessary achievements

Session 6 (90 mins) - Technical Alternative - education.au

Presentation 1 (30 mins): education.au's new "Accessibility Checker" - Matt Barton

Presentation 2 (30 mins): Automatic markup of complex tables - Pierre.Frederiksen

Presentation 3 (30 mins): Captioning in Flash - Joshua Crawford


1.00pm   Lunch


2.00pm 7

Session 7 (90 mins) - Plenary

Presentation (45 mins): Bruce Maguire, HREOC,
"What might be done."


Presentation (30 mins): Evan Bailey, DET NSW,
"A Case study of what we have done for TAFE resource developers"

3.30 pm   Tea and coffee break
4.00pm 8

Session 8 (90 mins) - Plenary

Presentation (60 mins):
Kurt Meuffelmann, Rob Yonaitis (HiSoftware)

Presentation (30 mins):
Ben Laird (Morpheum)

"The problems and achievements from an industry perspective"

6.30 - 9.30pm  

OZeWAI Dinner, John Scott House Restaurant, La Trobe

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Friday 7 December

(including WANAU Program)

Times Number Session Description Session Description
8.30 am   Registration | tea and coffee.
9.00 am 9

Session 9 (90 mins) - Professional development

"Keynote (45 mins): Tom Worthington,
"Making Information Professionals Accessible""

Discussion (45 mins)
"What should be taught, in what course, by whom?

Should there be certification for inclusive practice (like ISO 9001)? Who should be rated? What should be rated? Participant responses and discussion.

10.30 am   Tea and coffee break
11.30am 10

Session 10 (90 mins) - Where are we?

Keynote presentation (45 mins): Russ Weakley and Roger Hudson
"Web 2.0 and the concept of Universal Design"

The web has changed significantly in the last two years, so is it still compatible with an accessibility approach from 1999? Web 2.0 and the whole development of web communities, collaborative content etc are always going to present major accessibility challenges – but maybe we have been looking more at the problems not the benefits. Three key questions:
1. Web accessibility – accessible for whom? Just screen reader users?
2. Is Web 2.0 compatible with accessibility?
3. Is the concept of Universal Design still meaningful?
Please note - the video of Wheelies in Second Life is available separately.

Discussion (45 mins) in small groups and reporting back.



2.00pm 11

Session 11 (90 mins) - Plenary

Workshop - Conference Recommendations and Actions

Facilitator: Georgie Nevile

Session 11 (90 mins) - Technical Alternative

Presentation (45 mins):
Russ Weakley and Roger Hudson
Marking up and styling forms.

Presentation (20 mins):
Charles McCathieNevile
Opera - a screen reader? What will Opera do with their screen reader?

Presentation (20 mins):
Charles McCathieNevile
ARIA - what it means and how it can be used

3.30 pm   Tea and coffee break
4.00 pm 12

Session 12 (60 mins) - Plenary - Accessibility issues

Presentation (40 mins): Panel
"Content providers' perspective, software developers' perspective, users' perspective"

Reporting session (10 mins): Georgie Nevile
"Commentary and Recommendations"

5.00 - 6.00 pm  

OZeWAI Closing Drinks, John Scott House, La Trobe