Accessibility Metadata Day

There will be a special full-day workshop on metadata and accessibility (ensuring that every user, including those with disabilities, can actually get to the information they are seeking). The requirements for accessibility have been updated in Australia in many areas and there is a great need for expertise to produce more universally accessible resources and services and for much better ways of finding resources that will match the individual user's needs. Metadata standards, creation and use are at the heart of this!

Those who are not familiar with 'accessibility' and the issues associated with it may wish to attend other parts of the OZeWAI Conference including workshops on why accessibility is important (including the business case), what is required, and how to make accessible resources etc.

The metadata workshop will focus on emerging metadata standards, current practice, other possibilities for metadata, and more. Short presentations are invited (please submit a two paragragh description of what you would like to present before November 18 - earlier is better, of course!). See below.

There are currently proposals before the DCMI, the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the ICT JTC! SC36 committees that will reach final stages early in 2005. These proposals are available for public review and feedback is welcomed by these communities. For up to date information on these standards, see the Dublin Core Accessibility Working Group Webpage (

In particular, the new AccessForAll metadata standard will be going through the final ISO processes in February; there is metadata development being done in Europe that may affect us all (the EU Quality mark), and there is a huge effort to discover the international situation - what is the common view and what are the individual countries doing - so we can work towards being able to publish safely everywhere.

Not surprisingly, metadata is being used to manage inclusivity but also the evaluation of resources.

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