Our Keynote Speakers

We are very pleased to have such a wonderful group of keynote speakers.

Helle BjarnÝ, Videncenter for Synshandicap - Denmark

Librarian and M. L. I. sc. (Master in Library and Information Science) Worked at the Visual Impairment Knowledge Centre from December 1994. Started to work with web accessibility in 1997. Did the first evaluation of government web sites together with CLH in 1998. Joined WAI/EO in 1998 on behalf of European Blind Union. Member of the group that made the Danish guidelines in 1999. Member of national and international groups and networks focusing on web accessibility/adaptability e.g. EuroAccessibility Consortium.

Paul Bohman, Web Accessibility in Mind - U.S.A.

Paul Bohman is currently the Director of Training Products and Services at WebAIM, overseeing the creation of instructional materials, on-site training, software development projects, consultation services, and Web site creation. During his time at WebAIM, Mr. Bohman has taught university courses on accessibility, designed and created web-based instructional materials on the topic, and has given numerous presentations and workshops throughout the world in his role as accessibility adviser, trainer, consultant, writer, and researcher. He has written hundreds of tutorials and articles on web accessibility, available through the WebAIM Web site and WebAIM's CD-ROM products. The CD-ROM "The WebAIM Guide to Web Accessibility Techniques and Concepts" is the most comprehensive web accessibility resource for developers to date. He has worked with educational institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities to help them plan for and achieve accessibility on the Web. He was a contributing author to the book "Constructing Accessible Web Sites." He has also hosted numerous webcast events on the topic.

Shawn Henry, World Wide Web Consortium - USA

Shawn Lawton Henry is Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Outreach Coordinator at W3C, and holds a research appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). She is a recognized expert on the combination of accessibility and usability. Her work is focused on establishing strategies to encourage cooperation among industry, researchers, educators, government, and people with disabilities in the development and implementation of consensus-based accessibility solutions.

Charles McCathieNevile, Opera - Norway

Charles worked for the W3C SWAD-Europe project, after having worked for WAI for more than 4 years. With an honours degree in medieval history, and experience working as a barman, cook, driver and lifeguard, he went to W3C from RMIT University where he worked on web accessibility, internationalisation, and standards conformance. He speaks some spanish, french, norwegian, italian, latin, used to read ancient icelandic and anglo-saxon, and is interested in food, travel, and history. Oh, and the Web. He works for Opera in Oslo. (Charles is an ex-patriot Australian.)

Helen Petri, University of York - U.K.

Helen is Professor of Human Computer Interaction. Her main research interests are the design and evaluation of technologies for disabled and elderly people, the accessibility of the web for disabled people and the psychological impact of new technologies. Helen is currently involved in the BenToWeb projects, LBS4All project which is investigating location-based services for visually disabled and elderly people, Tenuta which is training web developers in European projects in accessibility and usability techniques and TIMP project which aims to improve the manufacturing and design of tactile maps for visually impaired people. She was investigator on earlier The Disability Rights Commission formal investigation into website accessibility project, MultiReader: developed a multimedia reading system for electronic documents for people with a range of print disabilities and TeDUB.
Helen is currently Professor in the Computer Science Department at York University, UK. (She is an ex-patriot Australian!!)

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