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OZeWAI 2004
(Australian Web Accessibility Initiative)

1, 2 and 3 December 2004 at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria.

Proposal Submission

***Note that the date has been extended to October 22

The following topics are suggested:

This year we will stream proposals for two special themes:

Call for Proposals

We are keen to hear from people with interesting experience, tools, research, or something else to share with the accessibility community. Please consider one of the following forms for presentation of your contribution:

* a research paper
8 - 10 pages in the usual academic format
* a short research report
3-5 pages that describe something you would like to report at the conference or present as a poster
* a website for the accessibility peer review studio
a short description of your site that you have tried to make accessible - and, on the day, a quick description of what you did (volunteers will be selected on the day to be users to help evaluate the effectiveness of what you did)
* a tool/practice description
1 - 3 pages describing an application or practice that performs something of interest in the process of making the Web more accessible. You will be offering to demonstrate your tool/practice
* a workshop description
1 - 3 pages describing how you will work with approx 20 people for three/six hours in a computer laboratory
* a lack of accessibility demonstration
1 - 3 pages explaining how you will demonstrate an accessibility need for people and what it means to offer them accessibility, e.g. someone showing how to use an assistve technology
* a 'sharing my problems' session
3 - 5 pages outlining a problem that you have in the work you are doing and for which you would like a session at which you can consult your peers
1-3 pages from those who would like to present their commercial offerings with the community
* panel session
1-3 pages proposing the members of a panel and the topic of their presentation
If you wish to focus your proposal for a partocular audience, please indicate this. The following are representative of the people we expect to be participants:

Guidelines for proposals

All proposals should be submitted in HTML (XHTML) format. If you have multiple files, please ZIP them together before submitting them.

Submit your proposal

Important dates for 2004

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