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International Web Accessibility Summit

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November 2000

Fixing an Existing Web Site

This session addresses putting the WAI guidelines into action. Jonathan O'Donnell and Peter Batchelor will look at a website that contains many of the commonly found accessibility problems, and will show how these can be addressed, often without needing to change the way the page looks. Tools,tips and techniques will also be discussed.


Photograph of Jonathan O'Donnell Jonathan O'Donnell

Jonathan O'Donnell comes from a community access background.

"My introduction to the Internet came in 1991. My boss at RMIT said, "See that black cable coming out of your computer. That's the Internet. You're the youngest and you say you like computers. Learn all about it and tell us what it can do." I have been doing that ever since. Keep in mind that in 1991, we were still having fun with Gopher. That was the year that the Web was invented".

In 1995, Jonathan developed and ran the first series of Internet training courses for Melbourne PC User Group. In 1998 he helped organise the Cultural Track at the WWW7 international conference. Currently, Jonathan is a volunteer with Virtual Moreland, working with multicultural groups to introduce the Internet to their communities. This involves working with people with few computer skills and relatively poor English. The aim is to train a few leaders, so that they can help their friends in their own language. Every second Wednesday Jonathan speaks about technology issues on ABC Regional Radio.

Photograph of Peter Batchelor Peter Batchelor
Internet Technology Services

Peter Batchelor has worked on a diverse range of Internet and CD-ROM related projects since 1995. Prior to starting Internet Technology Services, Peter had worked in the information technology area for Melbourne IT, the Joint Council of Subject Associations of Victoria, and Sunrise Research Laboratory at RMIT University. Some of the projects that Peter has worked on over this time include online professional development courses for JCSAV, RMIT and Art Education Victoria, websites for Joint Council of Subject Associations of Victoria, the Australian Kite Association, and a variety of other non-profit organisations. He has also worked on a number of web-based CD-ROMs, including the OzEkids discs and several for RMIT University. Peter also worked on the development of the Education Channel for the Victorian Department of Education, Employment and Training.

Discussion Panel

This presentation was followed by open discussion, led by a panel consisting of Renate Kelter, Peter Hurst, Jonathan O'Donnell and Peter Batchelor

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